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Chapter 131 – The First Hole search explode
Not only was the climate way much less than when he acquired to handle the twenty within the entry ways yesterday, but also, he obtained safety now so he was hardly disturbed by the rise in temp.
Both the photo voltaic worms on the front door squirmed towards the gap with pace.
Gustav dashed into the hole without any hindrance and was surprised to see something different from the other two.
His proper and still left claws sliced up through the aspects of the two worms since he kept operating onward along with his arms outstretched.
Not simply was the heat way less than as he possessed to handle twenty for the entry yesterday, but he also obtained security now so he was hardly annoyed by the rise in heat range.
Unlike the rest, this one also sounded a bit different with a more refined tone.
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Gustav claws were taken care of in the whitish gleam once again as he dashed out and hacked on the upper body a part of a photo voltaic worm situated for the still left with the crystal
The one with the opened eyes happened to be coiled around the lower part of the crystal but its shriek also woke the second one.
‘I wonder if any restaurants will be interested in buying their body parts,’ Gustav couldn’t conclude on whether to take the bodies of these solar worms or not.
The solar worm shrieked out in pain after receiving that attack from Gustav but that attack wasn’t enough to severely harm it.
Each physiques of the photo voltaic worms decreased to the ground as technique notices popped up in Gustav’s collection of eyesight.
On accepting the opening, darkness together with the appears of flesh getting cut to shreds as well as aroma of hot blood stream, greeted them.
Swooonn! Swoooon!
One of them leaped in the air towards Gustav while the other darted towards him with a wide-open mouth where hundreds of sharp pointy teeth could be seen.
Lord of All Realms
Gustav moved closer to the crystal which was positioned on the right corner of the hole.
They couldn’t really identify Gustav’s area nevertheless they could perception him once in a while due to his climate however assaults only strike slender oxygen because Gustav could discover them clearly and dodge unlike them who obtained their rankings lowered.
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Gustav dashed towards the left dodging both solar worms.
His proper and left behind claws sliced with the edges of both worms because he preserved running in front along with his hands outstretched.
Gustav stared at the corpses of the blood worms with a contemplative look.
‘I won’t be cooking mixed-breeds for dinner this time…’ Gustav stared at the mess around him with a repulsed expression.
‘I wonder if any restaurants will be interested in buying their body parts,’ Gustav couldn’t conclude on whether to take the bodies of these solar worms or not.
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Gustav moved forward to observe the worms more when one of them suddenly opened its eyes.
He jumped backward by seventy-five feet missing the first one that leaped into the air by a few feet.
Swhiii! Swhii! Swhii!
Each of them already sensed which he was headed towards them.
<+8000 EXP>
[Name: Salitre Pure Crystal]
He darted towards the two worms that have been standing safeguard on the outside earlier on.
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‘If I’m able to absorb this, the system would have received one-sixth of the amount of energy it needs for the next upgrade,’ Gustav calculated, but it didn’t look like it was going to be easy to absorb this one.